This fortnight, federal parliament is due to debate several pieces of legislation to crack down on Chinese interference in Australia’s democracy. Today, China’s ambassador to Australia, Mr. Cheng Jingye, defended his country’s position, saying, “China never interferes in the internal affairs of other countries.” Mr. Cheng said to improve bilateral relations there needs to be […]

On Monday, Beijing announced an 8 per cent increase in its defence budget for 2018. The announcement was made as part of a budget report presented before the opening session of the annual National People’s Congress. The proposed increase in defence spending for this year compares with a 7 per cent increase in 2017 and […]

Australia’s House of Representatives today passed legislation allowing the federal government to suspend carriage (or telecommunications) services when it believes they are prejudicial to national security. This follows last month’s approval of the legislation by the Senate, which made a number of amendments to the legislation. The aim of the new legislation is to make […]

Amidst news of the establishment of a government review examining the feasibility of an Australian space agency, a review to be headed by CSIRO head, Dr. Megan Clark, and which will report in March 2018, thoughts naturally arise as to the essential nature of establishing such an agency from the point of view of national […]

The Secretary of the Department of Defence, Mr. Dennis Richardson, has tendered his resignation. The following is from a statement by Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Malcolm Turnbull: “Mr. Richardson has had a long and distinguished career and has made a significant contribution to Australia’s national security and foreign policy over 48 years of public service. […]

The new submarine and frigate Defence contracts are what seem to be the largest and second largest in history, at A$50 billion and A$30 billion respectively. France has won the submarine contract; the winner of the frigate contract is yet to be decided. Whatever the outcome as to which country wins the frigate contract, both […]

Recently, while on the internet researching the subject of foreign investment, two hyperlinks drew me in from their respective search-engine search results. The first hyperlink directed me to an article on and which was concerned with the Australian government’s approval of the 99-year lease of the Port of Darwin to Chinese company, Landbridge; the second directed me to an article on the BBC news website which mentioned, over time, the New Zealand government’s consent to the divestment of 29 dairy farms to Chinese conglomerate, Shanghai Pengxin Group. Further investigation revealed Chinese investment in Australian real estate has recently doubled. In addition, New Zealand’s Foreign Investment Review Board has recently approved the sale of $10.9 billion of New Zealand real estate to Chinese investors.